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Welcome to my blog. Te Iubesc means I love you.

This blog is meant to express my new found love for all things Romanian. I like to call it RO-Mania (get it? :)


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More Netti (Fornetti)

Mamaia from above in the telegondola.


Telegondola in Mamaia.

Romanian breakfast in Mamaia.

Morning in Mamaia.

People walking on the promenade in Mamaia.

Galati, Romania


Iassi - Palace of Culture by StefanAndronache


As a little girl growing up in Sterling Heights, Viorica Magreta dreamed of one day meeting her birth parents. In 1996, at the age of 15 months old, she was rescued/adopted from a Romanian orphanage, then spent the next ten years watching reruns of the Andy Griffith show, eating Kraft macaroni & cheese and playing board games with her dad. But with her adoptive parents open about her history, the 2012 Henry Ford II graduate started wondering about life in the tiny village of Braila where she was born. (via Macomb woman raises money to fund reunion with Romanian birth family)


Brasov - Romania



Church Interior, Sibiu,Romania


Fairy-tale castle by StefanAndronache


My town, Bucharest.

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